Anne Arundel County Real Estate

Anne Arundel Real EstateAnne Arundel County was incorporated in 1650 and is named after Lady Anne of Arundell, wife of Cecilius Calvert, second Lord Baltimore. Annapolis is the capital of the state and the county seat of Anne Arundel County . It was first settled in 1649 by Puritans from Virginia seeking religious freedom. The city was named for England 's Princess Anne when it became Maryland 's state capital in 1695. At that time, Annapolis was a center of colonial commerce and a busy port and its dock was surrounded by warehouses, shops and taverns. Even today, it has more 18th-century buildings and houses than any other city in the United States .

A diorama in the Historic Annapolis Foundation museum shop helps you see what the dock was like in colonial days. Many important events occurred at the City Dock, including the burning of the Peggy Stewart, a cargo ship loaded with tea that was taxed by the British, and the arrival of an African slave named Kunta Kinte. He was an ancestor of Alex Haley, author of Roots , which traced his family's history back to Kunta Kinte. A plaque at the City Dock memorializes Kunta Kinte's arrival.

Many African-Americans have played important roles in Annapolis and Maryland history. Their story is told in programs and exhibits at the Banneker-Douglass Museum of Afro-American Life and History and nearby is a statue honoring Alex Haley.

In the City Council Chamber at City Hall, Annapolis ' early history comes to life in three large murals. They show the settlement of Providence in 1649, the laying out of the capital in 1695, and the proclamation of the Annapolis City Charter in 1708. Nearby, three of the four homes of the Maryland signers of the Declaration of Independence are open to the public: William Paca House and Garden, Chase-Lloyd House and Charles Carroll House.

King William's School was founded in 1696 and was one of the first public schools in America . Today it is called St. John's College . The 400-year-old Liberty Tree, which is the legendary meeting place of the Sons of Liberty before the American Revolution, is found on the grounds of the school.

Since 1845, the U.S. Naval Academy has been an important part of life in Annapolis . The school's 4,000 midshipmen live in Bancroft Hall, one of the largest dormitories in the world. One of the most interesting places to see at the Naval Academy is John Paul Jones' crypt, located under the chapel. Jones was a naval hero who is considered the founder of the modern navy. Ship models and naval exhibits in the Academy's museum also help tell the story of the Navy, from its earliest days to the present.

In southern Anne Arundel County , archaeologists are working to uncover the rest of the colonial port of London Town . The London Town House is the only surviving structure of the lost town.

The northern part of the county has three attractions related to defense and high technology. The National Cryptologic Museum and the Ft. Meade Museum display decoding devices and weapons used during the two world wars. The Historical Electronics Museum in Linthicum features items representing the evolution of electronics.