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Tips for renters

March 5th, 2008 Posted in Real Estate News

Renting a home seems easy – find an apartment in the paper, meet the landlord to look at the house, sign the lease and move in.   While renting is a lot less complicated than buying, there are many things that renters must look out for when renting.  Hopefully this article will be informative and help those looking for a rental.

Take notice of the condition of the surrounding homes.  Are they boarded up?  Are they well kept?  Are there railroad tracks in your backyard?  It’s easy to overlook the surrounding area when you are focused on the house itself.  Pay attention,  the answers to these questions could have an impact on the qualtiy of your life in that location.

Ride by the property at night.   Do you feel safe?  Are there any noisy bars or restaurants close by that may disturb you.

Thirdly, protect yourself.  Make sure the person you give you deposit check to is actually the owner or authorized agent for the property.  

Read the lease.  If you don’t understand something, get legal advice, especially if you are not using a REALTOR.  You will be bound to the terms in the lease you sign, so it is important you understand them fully.

Obtain renters insurance.  The landlords homeowners policy does not cover your belongings or cost of relocating if there is a fire or damage.  A renters policy is cheap and it will cover your possessions and pay the cost of relocating you if there is a fire.  To get renters insurance you can call your agent who handles your auto insurance and get a discount.

Most important – use a REALTOR!!!  I cannot stress this enough.  There is no charge for our service, the landlord pays our fee.  We are professionals and are conduct is governed by code of ethics.  We will guide you through the whole process.   Using a REALTOR increases your chance of a stress free smooth move.

 For more information on renting, please contact us.  We can help you find suitable housing or just answer any questions you have

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