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For Real Estate Agents – Should you put your license in referral?

June 5th, 2008 Posted in Real Estate News

In this market, it is getting harder and harder to be a success in Real Estate.  Many Realtors find that the fees involved in maintaining their license outweighs their income potential, especially if they are part time.   However, it is a hard decision to give up the license.   Every now and then you may get a family member or friend needing real estae services. 

Century21 Downtown created a referral company designed for part time agents.  Essentially a referral company is a place where a licensee can hang their license and not be required to pay the typical Realtor fees.  A licensee in referral still may collect a commission for clients referred to another Realtor.   This is great if the licensee still has a wide sphere of infuence of freinds, family , and associates who may need real estate services from time to time.  The part time agent is able to forgo the fees, hold onto their license and collect a sizeable referral fee from clients they refer.  The one thing to be clear on is that a licensee in referral MAY NOT perform real estate services.  They must refer the client to a Realtor.

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